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President of Yale Resources Ltd. (TSX-V : YLL) Discusses His Strategy and Success in Optioning Properties in Recent Q&A

POINT ROBERTS - October 20, 2011 -, a global investor research portal for independent investors, including gold and mining stocks features an exclusive interview with Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President of Yale Resources Ltd. (TSX-V - YLL and Frankfurt - YAB), discussing the Company’s strategy and success in optioning projects.
Ian, Yale Resources currently has eight projects in its portfolio with six optioned out. Can you give us a quick summary of hi-lights of the six deals and what that means to the bottom line?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo., President
With these six deals Yale's optionees have commitments of over $1,500,000 in exploration expenditures over the next 12 months.
The bottom line is this - how many Juniors valued where Yale is have that level of expenditures planned for the upcoming year? The list is probably very small… Yale will have multiple projects drilled and have substantial news flow over the coming year.
In addition, having six projects optioned out we will now be on the hunt for additional properties. Yale now has the opportunity to grow considerably over the coming months.
When you are looking at optioning out a project, what are you looking for in a potential partner?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo., President
This is one of the big differences between Yale and other Project Generators. Yale isn't competing with other companies for partnerships with the large multi-national firms (or Majors) and producers as we tend to option our properties to much smaller companies. As an example, our last deal was with a CPC (or Capital Pool Company) - our third deal with a CPC. By optioning to young aggressive Juniors Yale gets to multiply the benefits of being a shareholder as our optionees may also have successes elsewhere, which allows Yale's stock portfolio to benefit from projects outside of Yale. I would rather have an optionee who's only project or one of a few projects is a Yale property because our properties will then be more important to that company.
Having said that, I wouldn't turn a larger company away!
How does this strategy reduce risk for Yale and its investors?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo, .President
By definition, our business model (being a Project Generator) reduces the risk for Yale's shareholders as our optionees use their funds to explore our projects and yet our shareholders benefit from any success our optionees have on our projects. In addition, with success in the field, the Market Cap's of our optionees tend to increase and as Yale is a shareholder in our optionees, Yale benefits on that front as well.
A significant additional advantage for Yale's investors is that Yale does not have to constantly dilute its share structure with continuous financings.
For the two remaining properties are you looking to enter into similar deals or do you have a different strategy in mind?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo., President
Yes, we will always be looking to option out our projects. Yale has a very good 'pipe line' for potential acquisitions but had to throttle back somewhat as we didn't want to have too many non-optioned out properties. We had to be very careful about taking on too many obligations (financially speaking) which meant that we had to wait until the time was right. And that time is now.
Importantly, while we will continue to look for more optionees, we will not be aggressively looking for new properties.
In a recent press release you reported that ongoing field work at your Apache Property had identified two strong multi-element soil geochemistry anomalies that coincide with historic workings. Can you give investors a summary of the findings?
A: Ian Foreman, P.Geo., President
The Apache Property is a great example of what a Project Generator does… we acquired a very early stage project (that we own 100%) and we are advancing the project so that it will be attractive to option - we take the higher up front risk in assessing the potential of the property. When we picked up the property all that we knew was that there were some historic workings and that it was in a good area.
We now know that there was actually some drilling done on the property and mapping has uncovered a number of additional showings and workings. The last field program identified two potentially significant soil anomalies that are centred on historic workings. Each time we have worked on the property we have increased its potential. I anticipate that the next phase of work at Apache will continue to do so.
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Yale Resources Ltd. (TSX-V - YLL and Frankfurt - YAB)
Yale Resources utilizes the project generator business model to maximize its exposure to discovery while minimizing shareholder risk. Yale currently has nine projects in its portfolio of which five are optioned out with commitments totaling approximately $1.3 M in expenditures during the next 12 months. At the same time Yale continues to work on its non-optioned properties as well as reviewing new projects.
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