Friday, November 28, 2008

Canadian economy and current political situation brewing regarding a coalition

As investors - we know this won't bode well . The worse thing in any market is uncertainty!
Harper plays for time, appeals to public to reject alternative to Tories

How do we as voters stand up to this craziness? In these times of uncertainty, when Canada is fairing better than most- do we want to look like a coalition of idiots?
How are the rights of the Canadians protected when we elect a party and then it is overthrown because of issues that really are not related to us ?
The fact the underlying reason is the cutback in direct funding to political parties should enrage Canadians

When have any of the parties stood up so passionately for any of our rights ?

So the message is to Canadians - we only really stand up for our rights - not yours ?

If there is anything Canadian voters can do to protect their rights and keep the Government elected in power - we all should be informed immediately so we can act.

I urge every investor in Canada to contact their MP immediately and voice their concern.
We can't afford this in a market that is already struggling.

Dawn L. Van Zant - President

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