Friday, March 31, 2006

Gold for June Delivery Takes a Minor Tumble

Sources at MarketWatch report that,"June gold fell $3.30 to $588.50 an ounce," as of March 31st, 2006. The reason one might ask? Quite simply it can be linked to the fact that, "Strength in the U.S. dollar eased some investment demand for the precious metal after gold touched a fresh 25-year high of $594.60 overnight."

On the other hand, May silver was reported to have gone down 8 cents at $11.58 an ounce, following on the heels of a 22-year high. As many were predicting, once the ETF had been approved, the price of silver may just be levelling for the near term period.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Will Gordon Do It?

And the question still remains, will Gordon Brown take the plunge and sell off the majority of Britain's gold reserves? As the price of the commodity continues to near the $600 mark, the heat under Brown's collar could be just enough to lift the golden latch.

According to Gabriel Rozenburg, reporter for the Times, "The Chancellor sold 395 tonnes of Britain’s gold reserves between 1999 and 2002, generating $3.5 billion. At yesterday’s London closing price of $554.10 he would have generated more than $7 billion (£4 billion)."

With all the speculation factored in, that gold will peak at around $800 by the end of the year, keeping an eye on Mr. Gordon's temperament, could prove useful.

Bill Jamieson, reporter for the Scotsman newspaper exclaims of gold's upsurge: "This is all deeply embarrassing for our Chancellor, Gordon Brown." Brown has been known for his poor timing in the past, selling off the country's gold reserves at inopportune moments. Will he step in and lay a correction for his past actions? Stay tuned.

ETF Ruling Is Here

The long awaited news that silver will become and Exchange Traded Fund is in. Reuters is reporting that: "U.S. benchmark silver futures shot to a 22-year high on speculative buying on Tuesday after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved rule changes for a silver exchange-traded fund." Silver for May delivery also is reported to have received a shot in the arm.

One the other side of the equation, critics are toting that silver has been overvalued in its own right, irregarldess of the outcome of the ETF ruling. The proof will be in the pudding, whether or not this will be the case over the upcoming months, once the fever has finished breaking.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Gold at Highest Rate Since December 8th, 2005

As of Friday, March 10th, gold took a rise not seen since late last year. What did analysts attribute to this recent increase? Oil and the Euro seem to be what lies behind the scenes, as we see gold make a slight adjustment. More from The News International, in Pakistan.

"GOLD: Gold climbed to its highest level this year, amid a plunging US dollar and surging oil prices.

An ounce of gold climbed to $446.76 Thursday spot price and $443.70 Friday for the fixed price — its highest level since December 8. "A stronger euro and new highs of crude lifted the yellow metal back above 440 dollars," said UBS analyst John Reade.

The dollar plunged to a two-month low point against the euro this week on structural concerns over the US twin deficits, making gold — priced in dollars — cheaper to buyers using other currencies. Record oil prices boost gold as it is deemed a less risky investment."

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Recipe for Portfolio Success?

This check list, prepared by Chairman of Weiss Ratings, Mark Weiss, was recently posted on "Precious Metals Warrants." Weiss' advice to include gold in one's portfolio to balance things out, could need further examining. Taking a look at how the mining industry is shaping up after last year's trend in mergers and acquisitions amongst some of the world's leading gold mining companies (ie.Barrick/Placer Dome), Robin Bennett of Hunter Dickinson Inc. says, "once the waves of post merger integration have smoothed, we will see a further increase in appetite amongst majors, to earn into junior mining assets that have projects close to production."

Keeping an eye out for this trend, could help aid in understanding how these markets will turn.

Warning! Fiscal Hurricane Approaching! Is Your Portfolio Secure? Part 1

Martin Weiss, Chairman of Weiss Ratings, Inc. and author of ‘The Ultimate Safe Money Guide,’ has said:

1. “Get out of the stock market."
2. Put up to 60% into short term treasury bills.
3. Put up to 20% in 3-5 year treasury notes.
4. Put 10% to 20% into gold bullion and/or gold mining shares (Editor’s Note: and other precious metals and energy stocks and/or the warrants of those that expire in more than 3 years) depending on how bullish you are on this sector.
5. Put 10% to 25% in one of a variety of hedge funds depending on how aggressive you want to play the market.
6. Be patient and wait for the bottom of the stock market and then buy with both hands but beware of false bottoms. Include gold, etc in such a portfolio because gold is negatively correlated with other asset classes. It is a great way to balance your portfolio.
7. Pay off all your debts including the mortgage on your home.
8. If you are mortgaged to the hilt then sell NOW and rent for a few years and then buy back in, if you wish, once prices have dropped (and they will!) or once the danger of the decline has blown over."

Thursday, March 02, 2006

USD and JPY Currency Pair Could Show Signs of a Larger Turn, March 2

"Lien recommended as technically strategy that USD/JPY has broken below a 2 month trend line as well as its shorter term 20-day SMA and longer term 100-day SMA. The breakdown signals a possible shift in trend, but we would need to a close below 115.00 to get the real confirmation that USD/JPY uptrend has no run its course and is essentially over. However, if the currency pair manages to close back above 117.50, then the downtrend is negated and the uptrend in USD/JPY remains intact. "

Gold Futures Are Up In This Morning's Trading, March 2

SAN FRANCISCO (AFX) -- Gold futures edged higher Thursday on the heels of a two-session climb, with the April contract up $1.10 at $566.90 an ounce. The contract touched a three-week high of $569 on Wednesday. "There's little reason to be overly concerned about any major retracement, but there's also little evidence that the market will break out to new highs anytime soon either," said Dale Doelling, chief market technician at Trends In Commodities. "Traders' patience will likely be tested over the next several weeks and one side will finally cry 'uncle'," he said