Friday, January 26, 2007

New Sector Poll - Is Gold the hot sector?

Calling on all gold investors - with the recent activity in gold - and the portal asks- Is Gold the hot sector?

New Feature on home page :

Sector Poll - What sector is hot? We see inbound searches from investors as far as what sectors they are tracking so we thought it would be good to see directly from a polling/voting standpoint to see what sector is hot each week.It’s a great way to track trends and see what othe investors are tracking.

let us know what you are tracking - vote

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mining and Gold Investor Portals Offer News, Press Release and Article Submission for Mining Companies Portal is Currently Ranked Number Three on Google for Search Phrase “Gold Stocks“ (MSS) and (GMS), top ranked portals for investors and industry following the gold and mining industry, announce services for public and private companies to submit news and press releases to online visitors following the gold and mining sector. In addition, (MSS) and (GMS) have added a new feature for freelance journalists and industry experts to contribute articles. The additional content builds upon the highly visited portal articles, audio interviews, stock directories, audio conferences, blogs, RSS feeds and links. and include a comprehensive and growing list of Mining Stocks for investors to initiate due diligence in the sector:
Public and Private Company Content Submission:
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About our Mining Portals: (MSS) and (GMS) are investor and industry news portals for the gold and mining sector within the® content umbrella. The MSS and GMS websites do not make recommendations, but offer unique free information portals to research news, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in the sector. Additionally the site features the Gold and Mining Blog for insight into the sector news.® is a leading global investor and industry news research resource portal covering over twenty industry sectors and global markets, featuring: investor newsletters, Blogs, RSS news feeds, investor conferences and forums, audio interviews, stock directories and exclusive industry articles.® and some of the sector portals have been featured and quoted in Business Week, CNN Financial TV, CBS Marketwatch radio, Wired and other financial publications online, radio and print.® Disclaimer: Our sites do not make recommendations, but offer information portals to research news, articles, stock lists and recent research. Nothing on our sites should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell products or securities. We attempt to research thoroughly, but we offer no guarantees as to the accuracy of information presented. All Information relating to featured companies is sourced from public documents and/ or the company and is not the opinion of our web sites. These sites are currently compensated for by "featured companies."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

South America Continues to Reveal Opportunities in Technology, Digital Media, Renewable Energy and Mining

South American Mining Opportunities
Chile is the largest copper producer in the world and with copper prices seeing record highs in 2006 the region has reaped the economic rewards as GDP growth reached over 6% in 2005 and over 5% for 2006.
According to Stephen Poloz, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Chief Economist with Export Development Canada, “During 2005, copper exports contributed to 16% of Chilean GDP, and lately that figure has been around 23%. This steep rise in the contribution of copper to Chile’s GDP is related to copper’s meteoric price rise in the past two years.”
Argentina is the second-largest country in South America next to Brazil with rich natural resources and strong GDP growth between 8-9% over the past few years. As a result of historical political uncertainty Argentina has seen relatively little exploration when compared to nearby regions such as Chile and Brazil. However, as the political climate has significantly improved so has the investment potential of this region. Evidence of this is seen in the participation by many resource companies such as GoldCorp Inc. (NYSE: GG; TSX: G), Golden Peaks Resources Ltd. (TSX: GL), and Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: ABX; TSX: ABX).
In addition to operational properties in Brazil and Chile, GoldCorp Inc. (NYSE: GG; TSX: G ) currently owns 37.5% of a gold and copper producing property in Alumbrera, Argentina. According to the Company, the Alumbrera property has been averaging approximately 700,000 tonnes of concentrate containing 600,000 ounces of gold as well as 190,000 tonnes of copper metal.
Golden Peaks Resources Ltd. (TSX: GL) , an exploration and resource development company holds more than 385,000 acres of prospective land holdings in four of Argentina’s most established mining districts. The Company’s main focus is on five high priority gold projects within Argentina covering the provinces of La Rioja, Neuquen, and Chubut. Golden Peaks’ La Fortuna project in Chubut, Argentina is located in the same region as the nearby Esquel and Navidad deposits and exhibits distinct geological characteristics which the Company believes to be evidence of its potential to be the region’s next major gold discovery.
The world’s leading gold company Barrick Gold Corporation (NYSE: ABX; TSX: ABX), has global operations that include various South American locations such as Peru, Chile and Argentina. Barrick’s Argentinean Veladero mine is located in the San Juan province immediately south of the Company’s Pascua-Lama cross-border development property, which spans both Chile and Argentina. According to the Company, the Veladero mine cost $547 million in capital construction and produced 56,000 ounces of gold in 2005. The Pascua-Lama property has gold, silver and copper mineralization and has seen Barrick invest approximately $1.5 billion in construction capital as they prepare for production start-up in 2010 with estimates of producing 750,000-775,000 ounces for the first 10 years.
Overall, while emerging markets can potentially be volatile due in large part to political risk, the strong demand across sectors such as alternative energy and transportation, mining and many segments within technology continue to present signs of long term opportunity. With several strong years of performance already realized, many speculate as to what the future will hold; however as global demand remains solid and as long as the political climate remains conducive to capital investment, continued strength appears likely.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Questrade Inc. and Kitco Metals Inc. will offer Canadians the opportunity to purchase gold for RRSP

For all gold buffs looking long term there is a new opportunity to invest in gold that is RRSP eligible

Gold, a new addition to RRSP - A new offering from Questrade and Kitco, with storage at the Royal Canadian Mint – Questrade Inc. and Kitco Metals Inc. will offer Canadians the opportunity to purchase gold to invest in registered savings accounts such as RRSPs and RESPs. Gold will be stored at the Royal Canadian Mint

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Commodity prices starting 2007

Gold , oil and other commodities have taken a hit the start of the year. Is this a needed correction or more of a longer trend?

There is a lot of feeling among the commodity followers that there is another bull run ahead and its a timing issue to pick your spot to get in . But as always with any market trend there are varying opinions
According to a recent article on Bloomberg- " Fifteen of 31 traders, investors and analysts surveyed by Bloomberg from Sydney to Chicago on Jan. 3 and Jan. 4 advised selling gold, which fell 4.9 percent last week in New York to $606.90 an ounce, the biggest percentage decline since October. Twelve respondents said to buy, and four were neutral. "

To reflect the sentiment in the resource sector - the Canadian stock market is good indicator of the market reaction as Canadian stocks fell and had the worst start to a year since 2000

But as I said, there are still a lot of bulls thinking the commodities will recover and rebound to new highs