Sunday, December 14, 2008

“News of the Day” Feature for Oil and Gas, Natural Gas, Coal and Mining Public Companies at

“News of the Day” Feature for Oil and Gas, Natural Gas, Coal and Mining Public Companies at

Resource Stocks Can Select News of the Day on Investor Ideas or Sector News of the Day

POINT ROBERTS, WA –, a leading global investor and industry research resource reports the newswire has added new options and upgrades to the Newswire for public and private companies to gain enhanced market exposure and online visibility on a day- to- day basis within their resource sector . is a well known research resource within the resource sectors and has hosted some of the largest online audio investor conferences in mining and oil and gas, featuring presentations from leading experts and public companies .

With markets and investor sentiment changing daily new service creates an online venue targeted to global investors for Story of the day, Sector News of the Day and Audio of the day in over 30 including oil and gas, natural gas, coal and mining stocks. currently attracts a growing global investor audience averaging 15,000 unique visitors per day (and growing), made up of investors, brokers, analysts, media, industry peers, institutions and government seeking news and research on over 30 sectors. Additionally, and its related sector portals are visible multiple financial and news sites and blogs globally via the RSS feeds and syndication partners.

About Newswire:
Investor Ideas Newswire is fast becoming a valuable news source for investors and industry leaders. Readers can subscribe to the feed, companies can submit news to the feed and investment and news sites can add the RSS feed for free. Investor Ideas Newswire is indexed by Google News, My Yahoo! and other leading news sources.
Newswire RSS Feed:

Companies can submit Stock, Investing and Financial News or Industry News: Target Your News to Investors, Investment Industry and Industry Eyeballs Following Your Specific Sector (Choose up to 3 Industry Portals). Submit your news release to our Investor Ideas Newswire, RSS Feed and sector portals covering the Environment, Homeland Security, Tech, Digital Media, Renewable Energy, Greentech, Oil and Gas, Nanotech, Biotech, Gold, Mining, China, India, Middle East and other leading sectors and global markets. The newswire uploader:

New Upgrade Options for news release or announcements:

Do you have a great news release or announcement that you want to gain extra eyeballs and ear-balls for? With markets and investor sentiment changing daily- Be the Story of the day!

To accommodate short term targeted news distribution programs on a budget we have now added the following upgrades to give you multiple options at an affordable price!

In addition to the basis news distribution the $75 newswire service provides – companies can now choose one or more of the following:

Be the Sector news of the day- Be the featured news story of the day on the sector home page of your choice and have your news sent to our subscribers!

Be the home page top news story of the day – Be directly visible to 10-15,000 visitors a day! We will also send your news as the story of the day to our subscribers following your sector!

Be the Featured Podcast - audio news story of the day – We will read your news or announcement and create an audio file and add to our Podcast RSS feeds and your audio will be the featured audio on home page for the day!
News uploader:
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Monday, December 01, 2008

Canada's Political Crisis -Contact Your MP or Governor General Today

Investor Ideas urges all Canadian investors to contact their MP by phone fax or email today to voice their concern over the pending coalition take -over. The market and the economy are too fragile to face this kind of uncertainty and scrutiny from a global audience.
Canadians elected a Conservative Government and have the right to maintian its Government for the term .

Protocal or not, the Opposition does not have the right to create this kind of instability due to their own politial agendas and egos. The audio tape of Mr Layton makes it clear that this has been planned for quite a while and has nothing to do with defending the rights of Canadian voters or the economy - it is about ego and power.

If Canadians are ever going to stand up for their rights - this is the time to do it .If we are passive , then we the outcome we face is our own as well as their doing .

Here is the link to contact the Governor Generals office