Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gold Market Guide Helps Investors Preserve Purchasing Power While Avoiding Pitfalls New ebook, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today, by Jerry White, is for investors who are unfamiliar with the precious metals market. Available for download at www.how-to-buy-gold.us.

Pearl River, NY - November 30, 2010 (Investorideas.com Mining stocks newswire) - Investors who have little or no experience with precious metals now have a guide to help them avoid pitfalls when they buy gold and silver, thanks to the publication of a new book, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today, by Jerry White.
Published by TradersGame.com, a website for alternative investors, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today is a guide to buying appropriate forms of gold and silver for long-term investors who want to preserve their purchasing power and protect themselves against inflation and dollar devaluation.
"Gold and silver investors need a guide," said Victoria Tremper, publications manager of TradersGame.com, "because buying precious metals is more complicated than buying stocks or bonds. In their physical forms, they are heavy, valuable and need to be kept somewhere safe, while the tax consequences of a gold investment depend on the form you own, and only sometimes on how long you own it. Many investment advisors, because they lack experience with gold, can’t recommend appropriate forms to clients. Yet, once these issues are overcome, owning gold can provide security not available with other investments."
Jerry White, author of How to Buy Gold and SIlver Today, said, "I wrote this book to help ordinary investors take advantage of the opportunity to preserve their purchasing power without being taken advantage of themselves. There are many myths and misconceptions about gold and silver, some encouraged by the various sellers. Sellers include commodity brokers, securities brokers, coin dealers and mutual fund managers, all of whom offer ways for investors to buy precious metals. They compete with one another but with different compensation models. Investors will overpay unless they match the forms of gold and silver they buy with their investment goals. Then there are outright frauds and other sellers out to make a fast buck - especially telemarketers who make exaggerated, misleading or false claims. Emotional appeals can be costly for those without the experience to challenge them."
A downloadable ebook, How to Buy Gold and Silver Today, looks at the various ways that individuals can acquire gold, silver, platinum and palladium and analyzes the benefits and costs of each. Then it provides tables to help an investor create a diversified long-term investment portfolio that will meet his or her particular investment goals. It answers basic questions of investors in their dual quest for safety and profits such as these: What share of my investment portfolio should I put into precious metals? Is a gold ETF (exchange-traded fund) a safe way to buy? Are rare coins a good investment? How can I find a reliable dealer? Do I need to take physical delivery? Can I put my gold into an IRA? Will the US government confiscate my gold?
About the Author Jerry White
Not affiliated with a dealer or financial firm, author Jerry White has a background in precious metals trading, investing and consulting. As former trading manager of a major bullion dealer, he has bought and sold millions of ounces of precious metals. He gave his name to an international commodities brokerage firm and was involved in the over-stimulated silver market of 1979-80. As a consultant, White has advised refiners, wholesale coin dealers and Comex, the commodity exchange where precious metals are traded; and he developed derivatives trading and risk management software for some of the largest international banks.
About TradersGame.com
TradersGame.com is a website that provides tools for foreign exchange and precious metals traders and investors. It plans to publish additional books to help alternative investors cope with a challenging economic climate. More information, a description of the contents, and a sample of How to Buy Gold and Silver Today are available at www.how-to-buy-gold.us, where the book can be downloaded.
For more information
Contact: Jerry White 201-505-0005
Email: jerry@tradersgame.com
Website: www.how-to-buy-gold.us.

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