Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Recipe for Portfolio Success?

This check list, prepared by Chairman of Weiss Ratings, Mark Weiss, was recently posted on "Precious Metals Warrants." Weiss' advice to include gold in one's portfolio to balance things out, could need further examining. Taking a look at how the mining industry is shaping up after last year's trend in mergers and acquisitions amongst some of the world's leading gold mining companies (ie.Barrick/Placer Dome), Robin Bennett of Hunter Dickinson Inc. says, "once the waves of post merger integration have smoothed, we will see a further increase in appetite amongst majors, to earn into junior mining assets that have projects close to production."

Keeping an eye out for this trend, could help aid in understanding how these markets will turn.

Warning! Fiscal Hurricane Approaching! Is Your Portfolio Secure? Part 1

Martin Weiss, Chairman of Weiss Ratings, Inc. and author of ‘The Ultimate Safe Money Guide,’ has said:

1. “Get out of the stock market."
2. Put up to 60% into short term treasury bills.
3. Put up to 20% in 3-5 year treasury notes.
4. Put 10% to 20% into gold bullion and/or gold mining shares (Editor’s Note: and other precious metals and energy stocks and/or the warrants of those that expire in more than 3 years) depending on how bullish you are on this sector.
5. Put 10% to 25% in one of a variety of hedge funds depending on how aggressive you want to play the market.
6. Be patient and wait for the bottom of the stock market and then buy with both hands but beware of false bottoms. Include gold, etc in such a portfolio because gold is negatively correlated with other asset classes. It is a great way to balance your portfolio.
7. Pay off all your debts including the mortgage on your home.
8. If you are mortgaged to the hilt then sell NOW and rent for a few years and then buy back in, if you wish, once prices have dropped (and they will!) or once the danger of the decline has blown over."

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