Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Gold is forecast to average $618 a troy ounce in 2006 - with a high of $760 an ounce, and a low of $520.75 - according to UK-based consultancy TheBullionDesk.com. With Ross Norman from TheBullionDesk.com."

From the La Times, Tuesday February 6th.

Tuesday's Metal Prices
By The Associated Press
NEW YORK — Spot nonferrous metal prices Tuesday

Aluminum - 117.7 cents per lb., London
Copper - 239.00 cents Cathode full plate, U.S. destinations. Copper 228.75 cents per lb., N.Y. Merc spot Tue. Lead - $1303.00 per metric ton, London Metal Exch.
Zinc - 112.08 cents lb., delivered.
Gold - $558.70 Handy & Harman (only daily quote).
Gold - $551.00 troy oz., NY Merc spot Tue.
Silver - $9.420 Handy & Harman (only daily quote).
Silver - $9.380 troy oz., N.Y. Merc spot Tue.
Mercury - $700.00 per 76 lb flask, N.Y.
Platinum -$1075.0 troy oz., N.Y. (contract).
Platinum $1061.70 troy oz., N.Y. Merc spot Tue. n.q.-not quoted, n.a.-not available r-revised

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