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Gold Stock Profile for Tao Minerals Ltd. (OTCBB: TAON) at

Gold Stock Profile for Tao Minerals Ltd. (OTCBB: TAON) at

Tao Minerals focuses on Gold Exploration in Columbia
Point Roberts WA, April 28, 2010 – ( Mining stocks Newswire) and its leading mining investor portals, and announce the new profile for showcase gold stock Tao Minerals Ltd. (OTCBB: TAON).

Showcase Gold Mining Stock Tao Minerals Ltd. (OTCBB: TAON)

Tao Minerals Ltd. (OTCBB: TAON) is a junior exploration company based in Medellin, Colombia. Tao is successfully positioning itself as a leader in gold exploration in Colombia through key acquisitions of properties with exceptional potential for low extraction cost deposits. Tao's focus in calendar 2010 is on the upgrading and initiation of operations of its El Colmillo mine, which offers the potential to quickly provide a strong revenue stream, able to fund exploration activities on the estimated high grade gold deposit of its Golondrina property and finance additional acquisitions, while greatly enhancing shareholder value.

From the Profile :

The Opportunity:

Colombia, for many years was a diamond in the rough, with known mineral reserves, oil and gas and coal has in recent years become the focus of the world in Latin America. Jumping a massive 42 positions in international ranking in three short years has brought foreign investment and tourism to the country for the first time in decades. A focus of President Alvaro Uribe, now in his second term, was to bring the world's attention to Latin America and especially Colombia. He has been publicly recognized as a supporter of the US war on drugs by continually implementing the anti-drug strategy of Plan Colombia, which infiltrates and shuts down the funding of guerilla terrorists. He is recognized as a supporter of the US war on terror. As well as the implementation of free trade agreements with the U.S and recently Canada, while maintaining generally positive diplomatic relations with Spain and most Latin American nations. These several points have all contributed to Colombia once being a considered a third world country to a new destination both for foreign investment and travelers in the international eye.

Mining Accounts for 20% of Colombian Exports, Rich in gold, silver, nickel copper and coal. Mining companies exported over $5.7 billion USD in 2007 .Having a GDP of $182 billion USD, an economy the size of Belgium's, and despite a worldwide recession, The IMF has predicted a 5% growth in 2010. Strong fundamentals encase the country, receiving growing attention from global investors. Foreign investment was up 373% between 2000-2007 despite a fluctuating and receding world economy. In recent years companies such as B2Gold Corp and Greystar Resources have had much success in past years, B2gold has extracted over 306 million tons of ore.

In 2009, demand for gold remained above the $US100 billion mark for the second year in succession against the backdrop of continued turbulence in financial and commodity markets. This resilience in demand was achieved in the context of average gold prices 12% higher than those in 2008, at $US972.35/oz. Investment demand for gold remained very strong in the second quarter of 2009, rising 46% on year earlier levels as investors continued a flight to quality. China's demand for gold will double in 10 years, making the country the world's second largest consumer of gold after India, the World Gold Council (WGC) has said. In 2009, gold consumption in China reached 462 tons, which was worth more than $14 billion, or 11 per cent of global demand. India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. Gold is a major vehicle of saving for large number of low and mid income households in rural and urban areas, out weighing china in 2009 by almost 20%. The gold industry in India employs about half a million people with a turnover more than US $20 billion. Almost all of India's gold demand is met by imports

The Properties:

The claim concession covers an area of over 296 hectares. Upon testing, two main veins consisting of milky white quartz have been found. The first apt fully named El Colmillo has a vein with a thickness between 0.20M and 3.2M with a distance of 300m with potential to extend for an additional 1.2 km from recognized faults and testing. The next vein named La Muela is located approximately 600 m to the west of El Colmillo. With a vein thickness of 0.1mand 0.5m the La Muela vein is of recognizable size as well. There are also other unnamed, but recognized veins on the property.

If only the two main veins El Colmilla and La Muela are considered, with both having regional continuity, assuming a grade average of 10/g/T gold and a down-dip continuation of mineralization for 300 m, the total gold content (assuming a grade average of 10 gr/ton) and normal disseminated wall rock mineralization, it is estimated that approximately 900,000 ounces of gold could be produced from. Current gross value of that ore is estimated to be $810 million at a gold value of $900US per ounce. No value has been placed on additional revenue from any additional commodities contained in the ore. The gross value can be increased significantly by the probability of the existence of additional sub parallel veins, as well as by continuity of all mineralized structures along strike both to the north and south of the known workings.

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