Monday, December 01, 2008

Canada's Political Crisis -Contact Your MP or Governor General Today

Investor Ideas urges all Canadian investors to contact their MP by phone fax or email today to voice their concern over the pending coalition take -over. The market and the economy are too fragile to face this kind of uncertainty and scrutiny from a global audience.
Canadians elected a Conservative Government and have the right to maintian its Government for the term .

Protocal or not, the Opposition does not have the right to create this kind of instability due to their own politial agendas and egos. The audio tape of Mr Layton makes it clear that this has been planned for quite a while and has nothing to do with defending the rights of Canadian voters or the economy - it is about ego and power.

If Canadians are ever going to stand up for their rights - this is the time to do it .If we are passive , then we the outcome we face is our own as well as their doing .

Here is the link to contact the Governor Generals office
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