Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gold and Mining Company News Release and Article Submission

Gold and Mining Company News Release and Article Submission

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., Delta, B.C. – - www.MiningSectorStocks.com (MSS) and www.Gold-MiningStocks.com (GMS), top ranked online destinations for investors and industry following the gold and mining sector, feature services for public and private companies to submit relevant press and news releases. MiningSectorStocks.com (MSS) and Gold-MiningStocks.com (GMS) have also added a new feature for freelance journalists and industry experts to contribute articles on what is happening in the sector. With gold and precious metals activity fuelling new investor interest, the online activity has increased significantly in the past year.

The additional content of company news and industry articles will build upon the already highly viewed exclusive articles, audio interviews, stock directories, audio conferences, blogs, RSS feeds and links.

MiningSectorStocks.com and Gold-MiningStocks.com include a comprehensive and growing list of Mining Stocks for investors to initiate due diligence in the sector: http://www.Gold-MiningStocks.com/Gold_Stocks/Stocks_List.asp

Public and Private Company Content Submission:

To Submit Gold-MiningStocks.com News: http://www.gold-miningstocks.com/NewsUploader/

To Submit Gold-MiningStocks.com Articles: http://www.gold-miningstocks.com/NewsUploader/Submit_Article/

To Submit MiningSectorStocks.com News: http://www.miningsectorstocks.com/NewsUploader/

To Submit MiningSectorStocks.com Articles: http://www.miningsectorstocks.com/NewsUploader/Submit_Article/

About our Mining Portals:

www.MiningSectorStocks.com (MSS) and www.Gold-MiningStocks.com (GMS) are investor and industry news portals for the gold and mining sector within the InvestorIdeas.com content umbrella. The MSS and GMS websites do not make recommendations, but offer unique free information portals to research news, exclusive articles, interviews, investor conferences and a growing list of participating public companies in the sector. Additionally the site features the Gold and Mining Blog for insight into the sector news. http://goldandminingnews.blogspot.com/

News is featured in the Investor Ideas Newswire and up to 3 industry portals selected.

About InvestorIdeas.com:

InvestorIdeas.com is a leading global investor and industry research resource portal specialized in sector investing covering over thirty industry sectors and global markets including China, India, the Middle East and Australia.
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