Wednesday, June 07, 2006

World Gold Council's Outlook for 2006

In a press release issued by the World Gold Council in May, 2006, a statement was issued that:

"Sustained investor interest supported by favourable economic and political circumstances has characterised the first weeks of the second quarter of 2006. Price movements are expected to broadly dictate jewellery demands, supported by expectation sthat the price will continue to rise, although continued reluctance of consumers and trade to buy is to be expected if such rises remain sharp or volatile."

Further to this, a report issued by the council stated that, "markets in Asia and the Middle East, which account for nearly two thirds of global gold jewellery demand, are also those that are most sensitive to gold price volatility. In tonnage terms, demand dropped by 38% in India, 25% in the middle East and 43% in Turkey compared to the first quarter of 2005; althougth there was a small, 2% rise in China."
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