Monday, April 17, 2006

Oil on the Rise

Iran again in the news, reported that they will not halt their nuclear program. The country's decisions are having a marked influence on oil and commodity prices.

The reports are in- according to COMEX, "gold for June delivery rose $10 to $610.10 an ounce, near a fresh 25-year high. The rise in oil and gold prices was negative for overall investor sentiment. But it was good for the underlying stocks in those sectors."

According to the Economist online, "MAHMOUD Ahmadinejad, Iran's president, has advice for those who oppose Iran's nuclear programme: Be angry. The war of words between the Islamic Republic and a group of western countries worried that Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons has intensified sharply. The week began with a disputed report of American plans to use nuclear bunker-busters against Iran, and continued with Iran's announcement that it had enriched uranium..."

Such stark projections for Iran's nucelar policy future, could have wider implications for the market on the whole. In any case, the future for gold in terms of what might take place this summer, has been projected as we continue to face uncertainty within this region.

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