Sunday, May 08, 2011 invites mining and gold investors to become a Fan on and receive a mining stocks directory free ( $29.95 Value ) invites mining and gold investors to become a Fan  on and receive a mining stocks directory free ( $29.95 Value )

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., May 8, 2011 -, a global investor research portal, specializing in sector research, including mining and gold stocks invites investors to join us on and get a free mining stocks directory, with over 1300 listed gold and mining stocks. The directories are part of the comprehensive investor research tools offers to independent investors.

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Mining and Gold Stocks Directory - Global Mining and Gold Stocks Directory in PDF format lists over 1300 publicly traded mining companies. Mining and metals investors can research gold and mining stocks with the mining stocks directory, featuring Gold Stocks, Silver Stocks, Uranium Stocks, Copper Stocks, Zinc Stocks and Precious Metals TSX, TSX Venture, OTC, NASDAQ, AMEX, NYSE, ASX, AIM and other leading Stock Exchanges. directory features hyperlinks to stocks symbol(s), company’s URL and company’s description.
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More mining stocks research - free online investor conference

The online conference is free to investors with login registration. The presentations will be an audio format with PowerPoint, averaging 10-15 minutes in length.
The event will be pre-recorded and go live May 25th starting at 9:00 a.m. EST. It will be archived for three months and available with login. The conference pages will be featured for investors at both and 

Resource speakers include Mr. Siddharth Rajeev, Of  Fundamental Research Corp,  Eric Coffin from Hard Rock Analyst, Peter Grandich, Lawrence Roulston and Stephen Whiteside of

About our Mining Portals: and are research portals within the content umbrella, featuring industry and stock news, exclusive articles and financial columnists, audio interviews and podcasts, investor conferences, blogs, and a directory of over 1300 mining stocks.
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