Thursday, November 18, 2010

Acquisition, Mining, and Exploitation Company, Chazel Capital, Inc moves forward with investments in precious metals mining operations

( mining newswire) November 17, 2010 � Chazel Capital, Inc- In its quest to fund investments into new mining ventures, Chazel Capital's latest venture is a 50% Joint Venture ownership stake in the "OFIR Mine". The "OFIR Mine" is held by Rocmec Mining, Inc. a Canadian based public company that trades its shares on the Frankfurt D5O and the TSX Ventures Exchange under the Symbol RMI. Romec Mining is also the inventor and 100% exclusive owner of a new and revolutionary "Green" mining process known as "Thermal Fragmentation". A capital outlay of more than $8 million dollars was spent to validate Rocmec's "Thermal Fragmentation" patent. Not only is Rocmec's new mining process safer than traditional mining methods, it significantly reduces the negative environmental impacts typically associated with old school mining techniques and has been approved for use in the USA, Canada, Morocco, South Africa, Mexico, Russia, Australia, Tanzania, Peru (China and Brazil are pending).

With understanding of America's dwindling fiat currency and failing World currencies, Chazel Capital has decided to give the opportunity for a small percentage of savvy foresight investors to become wealthy by investing into an industry that historically has prospered in an inflationary environment. By using a Private Equity approach, Chazel Capital intends to finance the mandated property improvements, acquire necessary mining equipment, and double the current capacity of the onsite "CIP Milling Plant" at the "OFIR Mine site from 50 tons per day to 100 tons per day capability. Once these objectives have been met and Romec's Patented "Thermal Fragmentation" technology is in place, Romec has projected that the "OFIR Mine" could conservatively produce 700-800 ounces of gold per month.

If you would like to be considered for this private equity offering and Chazel Capital's future exclusive gold mine profit sharing operations, click on the following link below and enter the reference code for this press release along with your info to be contacted with the details of this investment opportunity and how to secure your position today.

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