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TSX Investor News; TSX Venture Exchange Closing Summary for September 22, 2010

 TSX Investor News; TSX Venture Exchange Closing Summary for September 22, 2010

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Trading was very heavy on a volume of 324.3 million shares worth 223.2 million dollars.
There were 467 advances, 389 declines and 589 issues unchanged.
The S&P/TSX Venture Composite Index closed up 11.62 at 1661.96
Most Active Issues by Volume
13,459,311Continental Minerals CorporationKMK$2.580$0.280
7,309,416Klondike Silver CorpKS$0.055-$0.010
5,799,613Rodinia Lithium IncRM$0.345$0.065
4,192,653Channel Resources LtdCHU$0.235$0.030
4,179,806Romarco Minerals Inc.R$2.300$0.010
3,778,096Avion Gold CorporationAVR$0.680-$0.030
3,299,432Diamond Frank Exploration IncDOD$0.295$0.030
3,190,035Allana Potash CorpAAA$0.480-$0.020
3,174,925Brookemont Capital IncBKT$0.195-$0.015
3,059,003Star Navigation Systems Group LtdSNA$0.175-$0.050
Most Active Securities by Value
ValueSecurity NameSymbolCloseChange
$34,879,355Continental Minerals CorporationKMK$2.580$0.280
$20,194,124Rainy River Resources Ltd.RR$8.650-$0.100
$10,713,274ATAC Resources Ltd.ATC$6.600$0.120
$9,899,726Romarco Minerals Inc.R$2.300$0.010
$9,523,669Canaco Resources Inc.CAN$3.980$0.150
$6,026,529GASFRAC  Energy Services IncGFS$5.020$0.100
$4,208,965San Gold CorporationSGR$3.550$0.000
$3,877,528Antares Minerals Inc.ANM$4.170$0.360
$3,088,042Clifton Star Resources Inc.CFO$4.520$0.020
$2,714,644Avion Gold CorporationAVR$0.680-$0.030
NEX Closing Summary for September 17, 2010
Trading was heavy on a volume of 2.66 million shares worth 0.47 million dollars.
There were 8 advances, 4 declines and 25 issues unchanged.
Most Active Issues by Volume
669,000Champlain Resources IncCPL.H$0.140$0.020
492,000Medicure Inc.MPH.H$0.015$0.005
319,000Coalcorp Mining IncCCJ.H$0.095$0.005
234,575Mira Resources CorpMRP.H$0.290$0.015
216,000Cheetah Ventures LtdCHV.H$0.310-$0.020
139,500East West Petroleum CorpEW.H$0.430$0.020
100,000Troy Energy CorpTEG.H$0.320$0.010
85,518Regency Gold CorpRAU.H$0.140-$0.010
73,000X-Tal Minerals Corp.XMT.H$0.700$0.090
70,000Pan Terra Industries Inc.PNT.H$0.200$0.000
Most Active Securities by Value
ValueSecurity NameSymbolCloseChange
$94,640Champlain Resources IncCPL.H$0.140$0.020
$66,876Mira Resources CorpMRP.H$0.290$0.015
$65,100Cheetah Ventures LtdCHV.H$0.310-$0.020
$59,955East West Petroleum CorpEW.H$0.430$0.020
$47,740X-Tal Minerals Corp.XMT.H$0.700$0.090
$32,000Troy Energy CorpTEG.H$0.320$0.010
$30,305Coalcorp Mining IncCCJ.H$0.095$0.005
$12,000Pan Terra Industries Inc.PNT.H$0.200$0.000
$11,876Regency Gold CorpRAU.H$0.140-$0.010
$8,000Medicure Inc.MPH.H$0.015$0.005

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